Dear Friends,

Welcome to the 2018 International Trade Symposium hosted by IFFCBANO. We are happy to have you here with us at the beautiful Marriott Grand Hotel for our 40th year!

Our program committee has worked tirelessly to put together another fantastic program focusing on solutions for the ever changing transportation industry. The goal of the International Trade Symposium is to provide quality industry education along with networking in a relaxed environment. We recognize that the success of our symposium relies on the support from our registrants and sponsors. On behalf of the symposium committee, officers, and directors, we sincerely appreciate your participation and support.

Here are a few things to remember when you arrive. The Grand Hotel is undergoing a major transformation and is attempting to keep disruptions to a minimum; therefore all general sessions and networking events will be held in the conference center. Join us in the Beachside Room for Thursday’s welcome reception and registration.

We are pleased to congratulate J. W. Allen & Co. as our 2018 Award of Excellence recipient and will recognize them during the award banquet Friday evening. Keeping the general session topic in mind “To Infinity and Beyond: Logistics of Space Travel, we will host an Out of This World galactic themed after party with music provided by The Witness Band! So put on your favorite space suit or alien costume and prepare to blast off for a good time.

Remember, your symposium badge is required to attend all general sessions & events.

We hope you find the symposium enjoyable and beneficial to your organization and look forward to connecting with you.


Cole Trosclair

Symposium President

Cole Trosclair

Welcome to this year’s International Trade Symposium and thank you for attending. Always a great time to be back at the beautiful Marriott Grand Hotel. We are excited to have everyone with us as we explore this year’s theme Solutions for the Ever Changing Transportation Industry. Our panels will take us through different areas of our Industry that are changing and focus on how we can adapt to these changes.

On Saturday we will have a party that is sure to be “Out of this world”, as we dance to the great music of Witness. We hope everyone enjoys the exciting events of this year’s Symposium that our committee has put together for you.

Thank you again for attending and we hope you find the symposium to be an enjoyable time and we look forward to spending time with everyone over the next couple of days.


Stacy Stubbs

Symposium Committee Chair

Stacy Stubbs



Port of New Orleans


Associated Branch Pilots
Avalon Risk Management
Louisiana Maritime International Chamber of Commerce (LMICC)
Roanoke Trade


Alabama State Port Authority
Boasso America
Dole Ocean Cargo Express
Dupuy Storage & Forwarding
Hancock-Whitney Banks
The Kearney Companies
Mediterranean Shipping Co.
New Orleans Public Belt Railroad
New Orleans Terminal
Port of South Louisiana
Red River Waterway Commission
TCI Trucking


Coastal Air Freight
DA Marine Fumigation
Descartes Systems USA
Diversified Foods, Inc.
Hamburg Sud
Industrial Transportation
Larsen Intermodal
New Orleans Board of Trade
Professional Association Services
Stolt Tank Container


Five Star Transport
Forward Air



Cole Trosclair – President
Janet Colley-Morse – Vice President
Donna Lemm – Secretary/Treasurer
Gerald Becnel, Jr. – Past President’s Council


David DeLatte
Keith Guidroz, Jr.
Olivia Leon
Jeffrey Louis
Rick Ricouard
Stacy Stubbs


Kristiann App


Cathy Vienne


Stacy Stubbs


Kristiann App
Christie Brush
Janet Colley-Morse
Sandy Frazier
John Hyatt
Ana Menes
Norman Romagosa
Stacy Stubbs
Cathy Vienne


J.W. Allen & Company Inc

J. W. Allen & Co.

The Award of Excellence is presented bi-annually during the annual International Trade Symposium, to a company recognized for working closely with the New Orleans transportation community by providing exemplary service to the industry. It is with great pleasure that we recognize J. W. Allen & Co., our 2018 recipient of this prestigious award. Join us in congratulating them during Friday night’s reception followed by a banquet dinner.

Remarks by Robert Landry, Vice President Commercial, Port of New Orleans
Individual Tickets can be purchased at the Registration Table.

Toast to the Honoree Sponsored by

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Reception Sponsored by

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